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pretty love queen's luxury collection black 18k gold

Price : $995.00

StockCode: BI-014823H

Brand: Pretty Love


Product Description:
                Here, everywhere are filled with artisans signal ecological temperament elegant taste. Gentle warm, light and brilliant, the tender breeze surround you. In product design, every product has it's different characteristics of art, so you personalized show, fashion, elegant taste, trend, and truly the perfect combination of technology and art! Delicate, elegant, intelligent interpretation of a noble, elegant taste, fashion tension, mellow delicate, flying dreams, calm this life. 

This 12 piece 18K Gold plated Kit Includes; Walter, Wilbur, Double Pleasure, Diana, Arianna, Hermosa, Otis, Hiram, Iris, Algernon, Sandy & Estelle

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